Thomas was born in Hastings in East Sussex (UK). He studied drawing at the London Institute of Art and Design but subsequently moved from London to New York to pursue his objectives in art and tattooing. He went from Saved Tattoo in NYC to Rock of Ages in Austin, Texas. His style is deeply influenced by Tibetan iconography, alchemical and early scientific illustrations, traditional woodcuts and mystic cosmology. He has always been interested in exploring themes and imagery connected with death and rebirth. His attention to detail and  extraordinary precision have earned him a place among the best contemporary tattooists and artists. 

Thomas says about himself: ‘I am a tattooer, an artist, a husband, and a father. My sensibilities as an artist are defined by how I may incorporate and blend these identities into my tattooing. I tattoo at Rock of Ages in Austin Texas. Today my work draws its influences from many things the sanctum of nature and natural forms, the unconscious, mathematical and geometric patterns, cosmology, and eastern religious images. I try to incorporate these ideas into intricate patterns and iconic folk symbolism using complex pointillism, repetition, and detailed line-work with the hopes of creating a vernacular that is both meditative and pure in form.

It is my belief that a tattooist should always be striving to improve his or her skill, and to be conscious of how their tattoos may relate and ultimately contribute to the surrounding world of tattooing. I am constantly exploring new ways to improve the skills and options available to me, finding new ways to develop techniques and tools beyond what is already necessary. Given that the skin is my material, the path forward for my craft to expand and improve is to find new ways to illustrate and decorate the people I am fortunate enough to tattoo.