Marald van Haasteren was born in Leiden, the Netherlands in 1970. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 1995. 

Marald is best known for his collaborative work with John Dyer Baizley on the images and packaging artwork of Baroness latest album, Purple. Brought together by art and music, their longtime friendship also resulted in Desperation Burns, an exhibit of their intricate artwork for the much lauded album, and showcasing Marald’s work to a wider audience.

Being part of the DIY underground scene since the late 80s, Marald has also been making art for the likes of High on Fire, Wolfbrigade, Kylesa, Bolt Thrower, Perturbator and Revolver magazine  to name but a few. His distinctive blend of jaw-dropping craftmanship and delicate, compositional sensibility ranges from black and white ink works to full colour paintings; his favorite medium to date is color pencils on toned paper. The art is sometimes enhanced by digital media – though the basis for Marald’s stunning technical masterpieces, remains hand drawn imagery.

You can loose yourself completely within the density of Marald’s visual landscapes – one moment, he will lure you into a dark and diabolical netherworld, the next his symbology and narrative will remind you of how precious and beautiful life truly is.

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