David V. D’Andrea is an freelance illustrator and printmaker. He currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon where, since 2012, he has worked under the byname of Samaritan Press. David received a degree in Illustration from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 2006. Notable clients include Om, Sleep, & Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

“ D’Andrea’s illustrations seethe with sinuous, accomplished line work and intentional rough edges. He combines the draftsmanship of the 1960ʹs poster artists with a raw detailed grittiness to create an organic pen and ink style that is unmistakably his own.Through esoteric signs and symbols such as aviform in flight, sigillary calligraphy, disembodied wings, and skeletal forms, he seeks to perpetuate the avowal that is death, and in turn catharsis; to create archaic crests for modern battles.”

“D'Andrea's work is his spiritual path.” - Al Cisneros / Om

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